Conflict Management

Course Description:

Whether it is in the form or visible back biting or silent resentment, conflict in the workplace, even just between two individuals, can take a devastating toll on productivity and morale of an entire organization if not handle correctly. Properly managing interpersonal differences is essential to business and protects the emotional health of employees. This class is designed to help you learn how to guide others in settling their differences and work constructively as individuals and groups with a common purpose.

Course Content:

Part One: Recognizing Conflict
  • Anatomy of Conflict
  • Truths About Conflict
  • Anger is a Secondary Emotion
  • TKI Assessment Model
  • Five Modes of Conflict
Part Two: Responding To Conflict
  • Expanding Your Range of Behavior
  • Eight Key Attributes of a Conflict Situation
  • A Planned Approach to Conflict Management
  • When Might You Choose…?
  • Communicating Effectively
Part Three: Resolving Conflict
  • What Do You Believe About Yourself?
  • Basics of a Learning Conversation
  • Action to Implement