Effective Management

Course Description:

The world of business is quickly becoming centered on the interaction of different teams, both within and outside the organization. The success of a team is often directly linked to the ability of a manager to lead and oversee the team efficiently. In order to perform the job well, a manager must understand the different roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the team as well as be trained in developing the capabilities of all team members while addressing issues as they surface. In this course, you will learn how to be an effective manager through examining successful methods of communication, problem solving, delegation, and motivation. This course is designed for business professionals in managerial level as well as those who are interested in becoming team leaders.

Course Content:

Part One: Developing As a Manager
  • Overview of Management
  • The Roles of an Effective Manager
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Managing Your Development
Part Two: Empowering Your Workgroup
  • Benefits of Delegation
  • Barriers to Delegation
  • Effective Delegation is a Process
  • Situational Leadership Model
  • Delegation and Employee Development
  • Steps to a Successful Meeting
Part Three: Conflict Management
  • Conflict Management Overview
  • Anatomy of a Conflict
  • Truths About a Conflict
  • Anger is a Secondary Emotion
  • TKI Assessment Model
  • When Might You Choose…?
  • Expanding Your Range of Behavior
  • What Do You Believe?
  • Basics of a Conflict Conversation
  • Concluding the Conversation