Leading Change

Course Description:

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger. We can take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding people’s hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors. These steps can also ensure that desired changes are implemented successfully. In this course you will learn how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you.

Course Content:

Part One: Leading Change Successfully
  • Reasons People Resist Change
  • Decision Acceptance Model
  • Helping Others with Change
  • Kotter’s 8-Step Process of Successful Change
  • Affinity Diagram Activity
  • Immunity Map
Part Two: Facing Change
  • What Changes Have You Experienced?
  • Managing in Today's Changing Organization
  • Five Elements to Change Planning
  • Preparing for Change
Part Three: Understanding Change
  • Common Losses from Workplace Change
  • Transitioning Through Change
  • Using Ritual to Transition Out of Resistance
  • How Would Your Group Respond?
  • Team Diagnostic Tool
  • Eight Guidelines for Leading Change
Part Four: Change Management
  • Guidelines for Informing Your Team
  • Improving Your Change Communication
  • Formulating Your Message
  • Better Communication
  • Setting the Stage for Engaging Your Team
  • Six Steps for Setting Goals Together
Part Five: Creating a Change Action Plan