Managing Project Teams

Course Description:

You want to create and maintain a team who will successfully and easily complete projects. Learning how to manage a team is the first step towards the end goal. This course will help you determine how to manage the team so that if remains effective.

Course Content:

Part One: Knowing Your Team
  • Identify Elements of a Team
  • Interaction Within a Team
  • Communicate with the Team
  • Identify Standards
Part Two: Managing Your Team
  • Identify Management Needs
  • Provide Feedback
  • Maintain Team Momentum
  • Identify Management Challenges
  • Close Out a Project
Part Three: Applying Seven Leadership Fundamentals
  • Meet and Exceed Performance Standards for Great Success
  • Project Confidence by Realizing Your Capabilities
  • Make Decisions to Make Progress
  • Meet the Needs of Those Around You
  • Inspire Others by Becoming Accountable
  • Harness Your Emotions for Success
  • Reveal Your Best, Authentic Self