Performance Management

Course Description:

New managers want to be able to step forward and assume their new responsibilities with confidence. You want to be able to lead the individuals on your team effectively by conducting ongoing performance appraisals; delivering helpful and instructive feedback, training, and coaching; and designing and implementing performance standards. You also want to develop talent within your team by employing effective performance-management strategies on the job. It this course, you will identify methods of developing talent, harnessing the engagement of team members, and offering training and coaching to individual team members through performance-management strategies. You will develop and implement performance standards, conduct performance appraisal conversations, and give appropriate feedback and coaching to individuals for their edification and the benefit of the team, department, and company.

Course Content:

Part 1: Becoming the Manager of Choice
  • Develop Talent
  • Harness Engagement
  • Onboard New Team Members
Part 2: Using Performance Management Skills to Improve Performance
  • Identify Individual Performance Goals
  • Discuss a Performance Appraisal
  • Use Effective Interviewing Skills
  • Provide Appropriate Feedback and Coaching
Part 3: Creating Performance and Development Plans
  • Initiate the Performance Plan
  • Create an Improvement Plan for Performance Problems
  • Create a Development Plan for Career Growth