Time Management for Peak Performance

Course Description:

This session will help you organize and prioritize for greater workplace efficiency. You will learn to manage your office space, organize your work flow, utilize your planner effectively, say no without guilt, and delegate some of your work to other people. This workshop is full of ideas for organizing your work area and your paperwork and working on the “right” things.

Course Content:

Part 1: Analyzing Energy Allocation
Part 2: Left Brain/Right Brain
Part 3: Case Study: Another Day at the Office
Part 4: Setting Goals
Part 5: Planning Tools
Part 6: The Four D’s
Part 7: Organizing your Workspace
Part 8: Outlook Tips and Tricks
Part 9: Managing Your Workload
Part 10: Delegation
Part 12: Set a Ritual
Option: Add Time Management Using Outlook and OneNote